Month: June 2021

Whitepaper #7: Factors Affecting the Bid No Bid Decision

When an organisation pursues a bid opportunity it will invest significant time, cost and resources to win the contract. Therefore, the assessment, prioritisation and selection of the right opportunities is a critical decision that has direct correlation to business success. This whitepaper presents the common factors used to support bid no bid decisions and explores the potential application of AI to advance the bidding and procurement process.

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Tender Trends: Then and Now Chapter 6 – Covid

The COVID-19 outbreak brought unprecedented challenges for governments to ensure not only the health of their citizens but also public service continuity. It was the biggest humanitarian challenge of the century, and one that quickly impacted global commerce and trade. With no time to ponder on how to fix the broken or outdated systems or rewrite procurement policy almost overnight emergency procurement legislation to bypass competitive bidding was enacted.  It was a free for all grab between countries for emergencies supplies.

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