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Helping organisations to focus on growth by digitising every phase of the bid lifecycle. 

Bidding is a cross-functional, company-wide effort where everyone has a role to play in winning the deal. Build a strong team, boost your contract win rates and celebrate success together. 

C-level Executives

Reinvent your ability to provide leadership by using Bidhive to drive the overall performance of your key contracts to maximise business growth and profitability. 

Bidhive will help you significantly reduce your cost of sales with more agile ways of working, and best practice processes that combine digital governance to help transform your strategic bidding into competitive advantage.  

Commercial Teams 

Precontracts teams use Bidhive to gain visibility of their company pipeline opportunities, as well as historical bid data to deliver insightful analysis to support opportunities for growth, cost containment, risks associated with specific projects and business lines, and process improvement.

Using Bidhive’s dashboard, financial reports can be delivered to operations and senior management against key measures and indicators while open contracts data support research and analysis to identify market and customer trends, industry dynamics, impact of competitors and new market opportunities. 

Capture & Sales Teams

When capture and sales teams work together using Bidhive, they can develop a pipeline of strategic opportunities to pursue and win. 

Bidhive supports the capture process by progressing key accounts to ensure alignment across every phase of the bid lifecycle to support early planning, ensure compliance with procurement timelines and requirements, facilitate subject matter expert input, and to support internal approvals and governance to meet key milestones.

As well as the submission process, Bidhive also helps companies analyse their bidding outcomes to identify repeatable successes, constraints and root causes that inhibit growth. 

Bids & Proposal Teams

Bidhive delivers full project management capability to ensure your bid team is supported, assigned and utilised throughout the bid lifecycle, with full oversight of the submission process – from qualifying decisions to pursuing appropriate opportunities and ensuring they are being delivered to the right quality, on time and on budget.

Fast-track content creation and strengthen compliance with a fully searchable and tagged bid content library and bid builder with access permissions including lock down version control. Bring everyone along to build a successful bidding organisation.

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