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The Bidhive platform empowers suppliers and contractors to move strategically in a fast-paced bidding environment.

For major bids

Managing high value, complex bid to secure long-term supply contracts involves working under intense pressure to tight and often competing tender deadlines while dealing with many stakeholders and moving parts of the process.

Bidhive simplifies this process with a single platform that allows you to register and qualify multiple opportunities and work on them simultaneously while having complete visibility from start to finish.

Best practice tools bring structure and governance to the process while bringing together knowledge, data and people across every stage and phase of the bid lifecycle.

Bidhive also delivers insights into resource capacity, win/loss outcomes and open contract award data to provide insights into buying habits and competitor market share.

For proposals and quick tender responses

Proposals are an integral part of closing sales deals but can fall flat if they’re not relevant or timely. New limited tender rules for small business has opened up opportunities for direct contracting by limited tender, but the same rules of competition and contestability apply.

To ensure actions are documented and traceable, Bidhive reduces the burden on tender participants with centralised content, auditable workflows and tools to capture and build intelligence on  customer issues/requirements.

Scale your business with best practice methods and tools that help you quickly tailor and generate routine or high volume proposals while building the capability and capacity of your team.

For program funding

Program funding builds community capacity and opportunities, but when it is a highly competitive process for a finite funding pool it’s essential that the impact of your solution shines through and can demonstrate the integrity and effectiveness of public spending.

Bidhive can help you save time and reduce operational costs by facilitating collaboration between subject experts and even multiple bidding partners with centralised, permission-based access to shared content, past opportunities and open contract award data to enable meaningful understanding and monitoring of outcomes. 

Get a clearer picture of your activities, unlock information trapped in multiple organisational silos and begin to share knowledge to build on the success and experience of others.

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