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Work winning methodology

Bidhive’s end-to-end process and best practice frameworks help companies improve their bid management structure, governance and RFP success rates.

Bid management. Simplified.

Joining data across every phase of the bid lifecycle

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The Bidhive
end-to-end process

Companies wanting to secure contract revenue are now required to bid in a competitive environment under tight deadlines, even to retain the business they’ve had for years. The world has changed and procurement policies are continually evolving, while the barriers to entry have lowered to open up competition.

Achieve an agile, consistent and repeatable process

Bidhive is built for companies that need better structure, governance and scalability of their complex organisational bidding processes and visibility of the workings behind each opportunity.

By removing data silos and connecting the flow of information, Bidhive introduces a more manageable approach across the bid lifecycle to help companies become more efficient and successful in matching project contract profiles to their capability and risk position.


End-to-end bid visibility

Plan, manage and track all phases of the opportunity lifecycle in one platform.

When you’re using several disparate tools, valuable knowledge can get lost and the bid process can become cumbersome to manage.

Bidhive manages the many moving parts of the time-sensitive bid process by bringing together your strategy, business intelligence, people and content so that you spend less time chasing and sorting, and more time leveraging data so you can pursue the right opportunities with the highest win probability, best margin and lowest risk exposure.

Bidhive users gain ROI on their bidding investment on their first bid


Bidhive’s pre-bid phase lays the foundation for success so you can continually use data to inform strategic opportunity analysis, qualification and pursuit decisions

Bid opportunity register

Indentify, qualify and assess

Get complete oversight of your opportunity pipeline and take a deep dive into won/lost and past bid/no bid decisions.

Screen shot of the Bidhive all bids opportunity register

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Turn intelligence into a winning strategy

Proactively capture intelligence to create a living, dynamic record of your customers’ hot buttons, your competition, and your proposed solution.

Bid/No Bid

Data driven decision making

Eliminate time wasting or high risk efforts by focusing on opportunities that have the highest probability of winning.

Read how Bidhive is working with Open Contracting Data Standards to help customers turn raw data into competitive intelligence


Bidhive provides collaboration tools that deliver the eventual time-saving steps to help you create a complete RFx response.

Start with the Content Library

Save up to 80% writing time
with a single click

Build and leverage a current, secure central knowledge base of boilerplate content, and add to your experience, track record and company-wide information to create quality responses, faster.

Access and usage permissions provide peace of mind that users only see content assets relevant to them. Set expiry dates and track usage history via the dashboard to inform your content library strategy.

Bid & Proposal Planner

Make managing your bids a breeze

Do away with multiple spreadsheets and start planning and tracking progress in real time.  Create your planning schedule, build your winning team, set up the RFx response template then assign roles and tasks. Add key dates, section weightings and writers’ instructions to ensure every requirement and deadline is met.

Kick-Off Meeting

Lay the groundwork for success

Lead kick-off meetings with clarity, seek input, and foster project success with the sharing of critical information, schedules and expectations.

Bid Builder

Connected workflow, content and communication

Align your team, reduce inbox clutter and fast-track your submissions with a suite of collaboration tools that streamline and support information gathering and proposal creation – all in a single system.

Read how Bidhive is applying Artificial Intelligence so you can gather compelling evidence to back your claims

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Bidhive provides your company with the benefit of hindsight to place important insights on record and compound the value of your hard-earned resources and knowledge for future use.

Contract Negotiation Docs

Bridging the offer to acceptance

As soon as you start tracking and measuring performance, you can improve. Close the loop on the business development cycle to capture direct feedback from your customer base and the internal lessons learned you need to inform your next bid.

Lesson Learned

Insights for implementing targeted change

As soon as you start tracking and measuring performance, you can improve. Close the loop on the business development cycle to capture direct feedback from your customer base and the internal lessons learned you need to inform your next bid.

Win/Loss and Debrief

Uncover key trends to improve outcomes

Get a clear line of sight into your return on investment, and the broader market’s decision-making rationale. Register and view your past and present win/loss outcomes and conduct a win/loss analysis to identify correlating factors that help you make informed strategic and tactical decisions.

Find out how Bidhive can help your bid team improve your win rate!

Read how Bidhive is applying closed loop predictive analytics to improve the Bid/No Bid decision.

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Bridge the offer to acceptance

Close the gap between submission and final contract. Store clarification questions, correspondence and negotiation documents for full disclosure and audit trail.