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Contract bidding is critical to securing a significant pipeline of new and repeat business. 

Enterprise Teams

Manage your risks
by managing your process.

As bidding becomes a source of competitive advantage, a growing number of stakeholders need to be involved across the pre-bid, bid and post-bid phases.

With many moving parts to the process and growing complexity in requirements and compliance within the boundaries of probity, timeframe and budget, having a central record of end-to-end activity and interactions is essential. 

Bidhive brings disparate systems together for seamless and transparent data flow with all the tools you need to manage your exposure to risk while positioning you for growth and improved margins. 

Aligned to the key phases of the bid lifecycle, Bidhive introduces to your company a structured repeatable process to:

  • Improve visibility of opportunities, bid team resources and win/loss outcomes  
  • Capture critical knowledge and data to support decision making 
  • Integrate with the systems you already use and achieve a dramatic process improvement with complete end-to-end visibility 
  • Scale your methodologies and customise processes to fit your industry needs and size of enterprise 
  • Bridge your pre-contracts, bid and contracting teams with shared insights and collaboration tools to promote knowledge sharing and work winning behaviours. 


Survival, success and repeatable business process. Bidhive can help take you to the next level.

At Bidhive we know the struggle that CEO-founders and early-stage companies face in getting to the next level in their business growth. 

Participating in the competitive bidding process is not a decision to take lightly. It takes an upfront commitment to develop procedural capability, and long-term effort to service a contract if you win.  

But before you get there you need to implement business processes that will propel you forward and deliver rapid time-to-value. 

Reduce reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes. Save 30% to 40% on time and duplicated effort. 

Bidhive will help you improve productivity and develop a repeatable bid process to success.

  • Pre-built best practice tools and guidance 
  • Centralise and organise your company’s knowledge so you don’t keep having to reinvent the wheel 
  • Build and generate your responses faster with better control, and secure access permissions, approvals and audit trail. 

The team at Bidhive are here to support and help you every step of the way. We want to see you succeed and grow.  

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