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Bring your people, workflow and processes together. 

All the elements you need to establish a unified, successful bidding organisation – from tender search through to contract award.


Get complete oversight of your opportunity pipeline to prepare, prioritise and manage resources.


Improve bid outcomes with an unmatched level of coordination, control, consistency and compliance


Get a full overview of bid status at any phase or stage to proactively manage risks

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Connect to the systems you already use. Bidhive plays very well with others.

Bidhive now talks to over 60 different platforms so you can share data no matter where you need it. Our expert team of integration specialists can assist with getting everything set up and working properly using our custom API.

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Develop a collaborative plan to win even before the RFx documentation is issued

Manage bid schedules, coordinate participants and individual tasks

Begin to capture, achieve and sustain benchmark level results using strategic and tactical insights

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