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Bring your people, workflow and processes together. 

All the elements you need to establish a unified, successful bidding organisation – from tender search through to contract award.


Get complete oversight of your opportunity pipeline to prepare, prioritise and manage resources.


Improve bid outcomes with an unmatched level of coordination, control, consistency and compliance


Get a full overview of bid status at any phase or stage to proactively manage risks

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Bidhive now talks to over 60 different platforms so you can share data no matter where you need it. Our expert team of integration specialists can assist with getting everything set up and working properly using our custom API.

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Develop a collaborative plan to win even before the RFx documentation is issued.


Manage bid schedules, coordinate participants and individual tasks.


Begin to capture, achieve and sustain benchmark level results using strategic and tactical insights.

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Leveraging deep domain expertise with foundational models for optimal content curation in bidding

In the world of bidding, AI like OpenAI’s ChatGPT has emerged as a game-changer. However, the effectiveness of these tools greatly depends on the quality of the prompts used. Learn why ‘dumb AI prompting’ can fall short and how leveraging deep domain expertise can lead to smarter prompts, optimised bid responses, and improved business outcomes.

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Bidding for every opportunity without careful consideration can lead to significant risks for businesses. Diluting expertise, inadequate preparation, financial strain, reputation damage, and customer dissatisfaction are potential consequences. Learn from real-world examples like CGI Federal, IBM Australia, and G4S to understand the pitfalls of bidding without proper resources and expertise. Discover best practices to make informed “no bid” decisions and protect your business’s reputation.

How to Avoid Losing a Bid: 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Bidding for contracts can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. In this blog post, we uncover the common mistakes businesses make during the bidding process and provide practical tips to help you avoid them. From becoming too company-centric to failing to answer the customer’s question, we address key pitfalls and share strategies to ensure your bids stand out from the competition. Discover the importance of understanding your competitors, preparing backup plans, and crafting concise yet impactful responses. By implementing these insights and continuously improving your bid process, you can increase your win rate and secure profitable contracts.

Post-bid Analysis

Bidhive’s post-bid analysis tool enables organisations to analyse patterns, understand competitors, evaluate strengths, and leverage differentiators. Embrace this essential part of the continuous improvement cycle to fuel growth and increase bid success rates.

The Business Case for Bid Management Software

Crafting a compelling business case for bid management software implementation is crucial for driving your organisation’s digital bid transformation. Explore the key considerations, pain points, and growth opportunities that bid managers can leverage to demonstrate the value and benefits of adopting bid management software. From addressing inefficiencies to showcasing competitive advantages, learn how to unlock growth and profitability through streamlined bidding processes.

Uncover Insights with Competitor Intelligence in Bidhive

Staying ahead of the competition in bidding is crucial for success. That’s why we are excited to introduce a powerful new feature in Bidhive to track and analyse competitors on every bid, uncovering valuable insights to enhance your bidding strategy and improve your chances of winning.