Beat your competition with Bidhive AI

Draft new responses faster with our AI custom trained on your company’s knowledge base, previous submission responses and approved library content.

Intelligent Search

Use Ai search to instantly scan back through previous responses to find where you’ve answered that question before.

Smart Writing

Draft new content faster than ever, expand on bullet points or re-write responses drawing from company knowledge.

Add to Knowledge Base

Share documents and content from across the organisation, enabling the AI to serve up instant knowledge.

Trust the information you find

Q&A responses have clear citations, so you can be confident in the sources behind the information.

Secure and confidential

Bidhive’s data training is exclusive to your company’s data. We do not utilise public data sets or mix it with other instances. Your data remains secure and confidential throughout the training process.

What our users have been saying after using our new AI Assistant…

Bidhive has alleviated manual reporting by giving us complete visibility of our bid pipeline across all of our global operations.

Shaun F
Senior Bid Manager

It did a great job, pulling out a good structure and the information in the documents. It’s a great starting point for drafting.

Debbie O
Senior Bid Manager

Oh my gosh!
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. You’ve done it, it’s perfect. It works exactly the way we need it to.

Sean D
Bid Lead
Is my company data safe?

You company data is stored securely on our cloud servers in your personal database. You have full control of your uploaded information, and can delete it in just a few clicks.

When you finish your trial, all your uploaded data will be automatically deleted when your account is shut down.

Will my information be used for training purposes?


We do not use any of your uploaded information in our training models.

Your uploaded information is yours and yours alone.

We do not share your data with anybody else.

How much does the AI Assistant cost?

Right now the AI Assistant is free to use.

Starting in October the AI module will be an add on feature. Prices will begin from $499 per month for company-wide access.

How smart is the AI Assistant?

Currently our AI Assistant has the skill level of a junior bid manager/writer, able to perform simple tasks when given good instructions.

Over time the AI Assistant will improve, gaining skills to the level of an experienced senior bid manager/writer with deep knowledge of your company processes and workflows.

Of course, anything produced by AI should always be checked for factual authenticity.

Although with Bidhive's inbuilt Knowledge Base feature errors can be reduced to near zero.

Let Bidhive’s AI Assistant help you win more work, more easily!

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