There’s no doubt about it, Lime Scooters are taken over Brisbane. Since their trial launch in November 2018, more than 131,000 Brisbane riders have taken over 800,000 trips

Recently it has been announced that the Brisbane City Council are extending Lime’s trial permit until July of this year given the success of the scooters so far.

The Council has started its procurement process by choosing a model for two e-scooter companies to run the city’s scooters. This competition will mean better prices for users and 1000 scooters available to ride (500 for each company).

The Brisbane City Council will rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars from the two companies chosen, requiring them to pay a $5000 permit fee plus $570 per scooter operating in the streets.

Despite these fees being some of the highest in the world for scooters, Lime is willing to pay if it means they can operate in Brisbane. After being told to cease operation in Adelaide in favour of competitor scooter companies Beam and Ride, Lime is putting all their efforts into their Brisbane tender. Lime has a vision to roll out scooters all over Brisbane, not just in the CBD.

Despite their popularity and success, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows for Lime in Brisbane. Front wheels have locked, causing accidents and more recently the scooters were hacked with racist and sexual messages sent to riders, resulting in eight scooters being taken off the streets.

This will potentially hinder Lime’s bid for the contract and put them behind major competitors, Beam and Ride.

The Brisbane City Council will announce the two successful companies at the end of this year.

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