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Aussie Tier 2 Construction Company Breaks Tradition with Yeah/Nah Decision

May 25, 2021


* Names have been changed

AN AUSSIE construction company with a strong pipeline of projects across government, defence and education has altered industry terminology and come up with its own version of the Bid/No Bid decision to better reflect its casual corporate culture.

A spokesman from the company’s commercial division explained while the company is renowned for its  ‘can do’ attitude, they felt that replacing Bid/No Bid decision with a Yeah/Nah vote communicated its  position more clearly, while removing unnecessary stage gates in the end-to-end bid process.

“Yeah/Nah has less red tape and it’s less ambiguous. For example, in a kick off meeting if we’re assessing an opportunity all I have to say is Yeah, I get what you’re saying, but Nah, it’s a bad idea and it’s not going to happen. Everyone is on the same page and that’s that,” he said.

Since introducing the Yeah/Nah decision the company’s win rate has improved, and, according to our source, the firm stance has led to some company procurement departments to reconsider their Scope of Requirements.

“Whilst we might pause between the words to keep the suspense, we make the decision in seconds, not days or weeks”, he said.

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