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”Not here to make friends”

December 3, 2021


* Names have been changed

A contract bid manager who was hired to lead a mission critical bid over an intense 8 week period has broken her silence, admitting that her steely first day war room address had backfired.

“I was hired to lead 60 or so people who had been thrown into the bid office from various parts of the business and was warned I’d have a challenge on my hands to rally the troops,” she said.

“So when I introduced myself at the daily stand up I said we had a big job to do and that I wasn’t here to make friends. It was meant to convey to them that they would have a strong bid lead, and by hell or high water we’d get that bid in on time even if it meant I had to make some tough decisions.”

The bid manager said the team had taken her speech too literally, and no one had invited her to the kitchen for pizza, nor to the push up club, where bid writers assemble each day for 5 minutes at 10am and 2pm to stretch out their limbs.

“I’m a lone wolf and actually have no friends here,” she sobbed.


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