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Post-bid Analysis

July 5, 2023


The key to optimising contract bidding strategy

Post-bid analysis, also referred to as a debrief or post-mortem review, is not a ”won and done” process.  It’s an essential part of the continuous improvement cycle in bidding, allowing organisations to identify areas of strength and weakness for future refinement.

Bidhive’s post-bid analysis tool enables bidders to:

  • Analyse recurring patterns and themes from multiple bids to help you align your future bids with customer expectations, increasing the chances of success in future bids.
  • Understand competitor strategies and insights into what sets winning bids apart, allowing you to adapt and refine your capture strategies.
  • Evaluate your bidding strategy’s strengths, weaknesses, and risks, enabling you to address shortcomings and mitigate risks.
  • Identify unique differentiators from successful bids so that you can leverage these strengths and value propositions in future bids to make you more competitive.

Post-bid analysis is an ongoing process that helps organisations focus on opportunities aligned with their strengths, while also addressing weaknesses or gaps in their bidding efforts. By embracing post-bid analysis in your end-to-end bid process, you create more opportunities to unlock valuable insights that fuel growth, enhance competitiveness, and increase your bid success rates.



Introducing the New Consultancy Edition from Bidhive: A Game-Changer for Bid Consulting Firms

Bidhive is excited to launch our newest offering, the Bidhive Consultancy Edition, designed specifically for work winning consulting firms.  Our comprehensive end-to-end bid and proposal management platform has been designed to streamline processes, enhance...

Uncover Insights with Competitor Intelligence in Bidhive

Staying ahead of the competition in bidding is crucial for success. That’s why we are excited to introduce a powerful new feature in Bidhive to track and analyse competitors on every bid, uncovering valuable insights to enhance your bidding strategy and improve your chances of winning.

Bidhive AI-Assist

Bidhive Assist utilises generative AI to streamline bid research and drafting. With advanced document analysis, you can easily access relevant content from approved bid and corporate knowledge. Our AI-powered writing feature generates tailored bid responses. Rest assured, our ‘Trust Layer’ safeguards confidentiality and privacy, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in your bidding process.

Bidhive introduces AI to fast-track tender response process for government contractors and suppliers

Bidhive, a bid management platform for suppliers to manage the tender response process, today announced it will incorporate AI-powered knowledge search and generative AI across the platform to help business development professionals and subject matter experts create proposal and bid responses faster.

The benefits of a centralised bid system

Connect your sales, bid and estimating team – all in one place. Bid management is a process that brings together internal stakeholders across the business leading up to, and during, a tender. Strategy, bid/proposal solution, risk management and pricing are some of the...

Bidhive track changes is here

Collaborate on your bids and proposals with others in real time - no more emailing files back and forth. Fast-track your bid responses without ever having to leave the Bidhive interface. Bidhive's simple yet powerful editing tool provides an efficient way of managing...

Avoiding price risk and the winner’s curse in competitive bidding

As the true cost of construction and hard/soft infrastructure delivery is not known until the completion of a project, contractor selection and the risk of selecting a winning bidder that has underestimated the cost of the contract is a major concern in procurement. This can lead to the winner’s curse, a term that refers to the difference between the lowest and second lowest bid, and the consequences of the bid price being too low to cover the costs including a reasonable return. In this blog we discuss ways to reduce price risk in bidding.

Bid storyboarding: Why is it so challenging to get it right?

Any seasoned bid writer knows that storyboarding is critical to planning a strong proposal. That’s because it’s a function that helps the team to plan and agree on content themes and key messages, providing a guideline to the response.  Your storyboard is an important...
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