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Bid management. Simplified.

Every year the public sector spends a combined 15 trillion-dollars on the procurement of outsourced goods and services through the competitive bidding process, making it the largest marketplace in the world. 

Yet despite the size of the market, procurement is the least digitised function in the enterprise. 

With no industry standard digital tools for suppliers to work withcorruption and mismanagement in the bidding process has become the number one risk factor in procurement.

In fact, since the Covid-19 outbreak, deaths linked to poor quality medical supplies due to fraud or corruption in the procurement/supplier selection process have been reported in 1 out of every 3 countries, according to Transparency International.

This has fast-tracked procurement reform around the world and the requirement for better systems of record and reporting in the competitive bidding process. 

We’ve created Bidhive for companies of all sizes to provide complete visibility across the bid lifecycle  including access to procurement spend and contract award data.  

Bidhive is the only platform aligned to the UK National Occupational Standards for Bidding and Tenderingthe global Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) best practice framework and global Open Contracting Data Standards. 

The platform delivers a closed loop cycle that helps contract bidders plan, manage and track their bidding activity across regions, service or business lines, and teams. By using big data and advanced analytics, Bidhive helps companies better understand the relational factors behind their bid’s success or failure, and use this to shape a winning bid in the context of each new opportunity.

In using Bidhive users report better qualification of opportunities, a 3X faster submission process, higher win ratios and improved contract success – leading to better margins and lower costs. 

By facilitating access to open market opportunities and the creation of higher-quality, compliant bids, Bidhive is enabling fair and equitable access to businesses of all sizes with a genuinely competitive offering that places structure and governance around the procedure 

 Quick facts:

  • Established 2017- Brisbane, Australia
  • Launched May 2019
  • Co-founders: Nyree McKenzie (CEO) Aaron Godde (CXO)


Winner, 2021 AIIA iAwards Qld – Business & Industry Solution of the Year

Winner, 2019 Women in Digital Awards- AWS Founder of the Year

Silver Stevie Award, 2018 Startup of the Year

Finalist, 2018 Women in Technology Awards – Entrepreneurial startup category


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