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Winning Big. The Masterplan for Winning Bids and RFPs.

October 11, 2021

Transform the way you bid for contracts, deals, and businesses with 10 easy and effective steps and start Winning Big! 

Author: Anne McNamara, ShineX


With more than 20 years of experience and billions of dollars’ worth of bid wins, Anne McNamara guides you through the ten proven and effective steps of the ShineX Winning MasterplanTM, helping you better understand what your buyer wants, present your company favorably, and increase your bid win rate.

Developed with every firm and bidder in mind, Winning Big focuses on the crucial stages of the bidding process including, creating a strategy, designing and branding a bid, managing the bid and proposal writing process, and executing the final offer in a way that is easy to understand, practical, and effective.

McNamara breaks the book down into easy to digest chapters to help you better understand the bidding landscape, what kind of bidder you are, finding the right opportunities, and the secrets to success using the ShineX Winning MasterplanTM.

The book also includes a section of downloadable resources, guides, and references to additional Ebooks to support you and guide you on your way toward achieving extraordinary success in bid and RFP management, and start Winning Big!

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Winning Big ShineX


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