On demand webinar: Pitching differently – Social value in procurement

Social value in procurement is becoming key to supplier selection, ensuring what is bought is creating positive benefits for stakeholders, communities, and society as a whole. Growing recognition of embedded structural inequalities has become a key focus area as...

On demand webinar: Construction bidding market trends – Australia and UK comparison

Digital progress is transforming entire industries, edging us towards a new technological era known as the fourth industrial revolution. Digitisation of the construction industry, while in its infancy relative to other industries, has reached widespread acceleration as companies face increasing pressures to meet client expectations while adapting to supply chain disruptions.  

On demand webinar: Managing Digital Bid Transformation

In this webinar, Shaun Ford, Head of Bids & Contracts at Acacium Group, the UK’s largest workforce solutions and health care partner, shares his experience from leading his organisation through digital transformation and the elements he implemented to help prepare it for success.

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