Bidhive – a single solution to manage the bid lifecycle

Bidhive supports an organisation’s ability to evaluate a bid or business development opportunity and streamline the process starting with strategy, quality and compliance even before the submission process begins.

Bidhive aligns to industry best practice, enabling collaboration and knowledge capture across the enterprise to improve bid, tender and proposal content quality and accuracy, workflow efficiency and compliance.

At the heart of the system is the content library.

Controlled access allows content to be leveraged, accessed or edited for placement into pre-defined sections that align to response and probity requirements.

Bids and tenders
Managing tenders, bids and proposals involves working under intense pressure to tight and often competing deadlines, while dealing with many documents and collaborators under stressful conditions. 

With procurement driving greater economies of scale, efficiency and effectiveness in project delivery, companies are now exploring new approaches to deliver greater source of competitive advantage. Joint ventures, clustering and consortium of partners from different industry sectors have created new opportunities, as well as added complexity.

Bidhive gives your team the processes and tools to help everyone do their job more effectively with improved visibility across the entire process. Bidhive supports single companies as well as consortium responses where shared, internal-only and locked down content is essential.

Quick quotes and sales proposals
You’ve done the hard work for successful pre-qualification status or you’ve secured a place on a long-term category panel or framework agreement – now you’re faced with incoming request for quotes or proposals on a regular basis, from multiple areas and to different people across the company. 

To access and harness the exclusive opportunities while maintaining brand messaging, quality and control, you’ve now got to be nimble enough to track, manage and respond to potentially many requests in shorter timeframes. Bidhive supports the sales process by managing the risks associated with multiple procurement or capability statement requests. By centralising content and creating visibility of all proposals in the system, Bidhive creates an effective way of tapping into repeatable and potentially reusable approaches and solutions.

Program grants and funding applications
Governments and aid agencies all around the world are acknowledging that they can’t solve the world’s social problems on their own; and to really drive impact, the way they fund and implement social programs has dramatically changed. This has resulted in new contestable markets with widespread commissioning of social and public services to industry implementation partners through the process of transparent procurement.

To support social and public policy change, Bidhive is being used across community, government, non-government organisations and commercial agencies for their inter-agency responses to RFQs to address some of the world’s most pressing social problems.