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Our newest feature – Kayo integration – launching April 1

April 1, 2022

If there’s one thing standing in the way of bid teams as they return to the office or do a 40 hour week from a spare room it’s the struggle to regain work/life balance as many transition from pyjamas to business casual.

Fear not bidding friends. We listened and we delivered!

Our Kayo integration brings the loungeroom to your desktop in an instant so you can watch the pitch action while multitasking (as you do) on your pitch.

This epic feature was Inspired by research which found that more than half  of workers play video games or stream TV shows and movies instead of working so why not find a way to boost wellbeing and productivity in a single platform?

By treating your desk better, you’ll work better!!!

With in-built sensor movement our smart streaming plug in automatically detects and shuts down when your manager walks within a 10m radius of your work station.

Genius invention. Available 1 April.

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