The Bidhive end-to-end process

Achieve a dramatic process improvement

Bidhive’s end-to-end process enables business development teams to enhance their winning performance through improved efficiency and effectiveness of the bid process.

Opportunity Register

All your opportunities in one place.

Manage your entire business pipeline of past, present and future opportunities.
Deep dive into what’s been won and lost to gain actionable insights.

Content Library

Access on-demand and reusable content in one place

Build and leverage a current, central knowledge base of your experience, track record and company-wide information to create quality responses, faster.

Bid Builder

Gain more control of your submissions.

Reduce non-compliance and avoid the paper-trail nightmare with a workflow that makes writing, editing and collaboration with internal and external contributors seamless.

Bid Tracker

Your spreadsheets just went digital

Set and keep track of review gates and milestones, optimize resourcing and team productivity to keep everyone moving towards the finish line.





Opportunity Register


Content Library


Bid Builder


Bid Tracker






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