Why Bidhive?

Bid management is an important bridge between an opportunity and contract award.

Positioning your business to win through the competitive bidding process requires forward planning and a specialist set of skills. If managed in an ad-hoc way, it can quickly become a key business risk if there is no organised or integrated system to plan, manage and track the related elements of the process.

Bidding for a supply contract is high stakes, but high reward – and for companies that routinely pursue opportunities having the right tools and processes in place to support their people can make the difference between winning and losing (and retaining talent!).

Bidhive is perfect for companies that want to improve the structure and flow of their bid management function, and the way they capture and share knowledge across the entire bidding process.

Whether you are a large company looking for a solution to increase efficiency and transparency or a smaller company seeking to define and systematise your process, Bidhive can help you achieve more.

Bidhive gives you full visibility of your end-to-end process that can scale to the demands of your company’s bid opportunities, and the size of your team.


Why digitisation gives you the unfair advantage

Winning a major contract isn’t just great for business stability and growth – it creates a pipeline of work for employees, and boosts the bottom line.

Bid management is now a mature enterprise sales practice that involves dedicated resources to win and retain critical supply contracts.

As the automation of knowledge work advances and remote working becomes the norm, organisations are quickly adapting to connect their data flow to achieve efficiencies and insights like never before.

As a first-generation cloud bid software we can assure you, that transition and implementation of Bidhive across your company doesn’t have to be a painful process, and the fear of that pain shouldn’t deter you from making a necessary change instead of sticking with the devil you know.

It’s all about managing that change effectively. Embedding new practices into business as usual should be treated as a communication program, not a technology rollout. If you need help to incentivise your users to adopt a new platform, we invite you to reach out to us!

Bidhive will work with you to help you scale and digitise your bid management efforts so that you become more successful in capture strategy and uniting cross-functional knowledge, data insights and teams.

And because Bidhive is designed by bid managers for bid managers, we understand your language. Bidhive aligns with best practice standards and frameworks adopted and endorsed by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP), the UK National Occupational Standards for Bidding and Tendering and the Open Contracting Data Standards.

The Bid Management Function

Bidding and bid management is a complex enterprise sales function that involves responding to RFx (the common acronym for Request for…) to secure new business and outsourced supply contracts.

In larger organisations Bid Managers typically lead the bid strategy, the proposed solution, and the many cross-functional team members and stakeholders who contribute to the final bid submission.

In smaller companies, the Bid Manager’s role might be performed over and above a day job, or delegated to an external bid consultant who will lead the process by  providing pre-bid strategy services, coordinating subject matter input, writing support and overseeing compliance aspects.

Unlike proactive sales proposals, formal RFx usually have to comply with strict procurement and customer requirements, including due dates, specifications, contract and other mandatory requirements. They are then evaluated under probity conditions against weighted criterion to ensure a transparent and fair process.

Bid management is the process that results in the supplier responding at arm’s length with the written commercial bid or proposal.

Preparing the bid response is a time consuming, often high pressure task involving numerous content contributors. Timeframes are being increasingly compressed while documentation has become more complex.

Becoming ‘bid ready’ ahead of an opportunity is one of the advantages you can achieve with the Bidhive platform so that you can streamline your company’s process and make faster tactical and strategic decisions to increase bid success.

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