bidhive is a cloud-based Software as a Service platform that gives your bid team, and the many subject matter experts across the enterprise, the right resourcing, processes and tools to help you proactively plan for, and respond to, new business opportunities.

Spend less time scrambling for information and more time driving growth

A large part of the Business Development Manager’s (or BDMs) role is to manage and drive the growth of their organisation – which often involves responding to Request for Tenders (RFTs) and Request for Proposals (RFPs) to secure major contracts.

Competitive bidding or tendering to procure goods and services is fast-becoming a mandatory requirement for many public and private sector organisations. For many, responding to these opportunities is a resource-intensive, time-consuming and expensive process, with the outcome often ‘making or breaking’ their future. And with growing corporate governance, accountability and probity, it is a rising trend that is continuing on a global scale.

The common way

The common approach to bid and tender preparation is to do nothing until an RFT or RFP is issued. This results in the mad scramble to gather information and answer questions in time to submit – and the risk of poor-quality, non-compliant submissions, and missed opportunities.

The better way

Done right, preparing ahead for bids and tenders not only saves time but also helps to formalise quality systems, reporting and risk management processes. Importantly, it assists executive and operational management to collaborate and analyse their collective experience, and identify client service improvements and other sources of competitive advantage.

Externally, competitive bidding and tendering ideally creates a level playing field which stimulates competition and industry innovation. New models such as community-led design, risk-sharing and market-led proposals are also providing unique value and creating alternatives to traditional government-led processes.

bidhive – end-to-end bid management

bidhive has been designed by Business Development professionals, for Business Development professionals who are looking for better structure, governance and organisation of their bid management process. The platform is currently in the minimal marketable product (MMP) development phase with selected global corporations and Australian not for profit pilot users.

Aligned to industry best practice, the bidhive platform will enable your organisation to automate its bid management process to support governance and team collaboration with clear inputs and outputs, responsibilities and dependencies so you can focus more on making your responses more consistent, compelling and compliant. And that means less grunt-work, and more time to pursue more, and win more.